Tire Service in Roswell

While some Roswell drivers feel that a tire service is simply having your tires checked for thread depth issues or repairs. Others believe that it is the process of having your tires changed. The fact of the matter is that at Roswell Transmission and Car Care Inc. our tire service is much more developed than that. Since first opening our doors, we have earned a reputation for providing unrivalled tire sales and service. Not only will we repair any damage to your tires but we can also provide you with expert advice on choosing a new set.

At Roswell Transmission and Car Care Inc. we take what we do very seriously because for us providing the best tire service possible is more than just a job, it’s our passion. That is why when you come to us for advice on the best type of tire, the correct thread depth and choosing between two different manufacturers, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the most accurate information possible. We are not in the business of upselling for the sake of it. If we think that your vehicle would be best served by a set of tires at a certain price range then we will say that. Don’t take chances with inferior garages. Call the one you can trust today.

What Makes Us Different?

We are fully aware of the fact that there are a wide range of tire service providers and mechanics across Roswell. We would also never be arrogant enough to think that we deserve your custom simply because of our award –winning service and trusted reputation. The fact of the matter is that at Roswell Transmission and Car Care Inc. we work very hard every day to attract new Roswell customers to our business. We do this by working the hardest, being the most innovative and continuing to prioritize a customer-centered approach in our interactions with motorists from across the city.

What You Can Expect From Roswell Transmission and Car Care Inc.’s Tire Service

When you come to Roswell Transmission and Car Care Inc. for a tire test then you should expect the best. That includes three of the following procedures as standard:

  1. Thread Depth Test
    At Roswell Transmission and Car Care Inc. we recommend checking the thread depth in your tires every 5,000 KM. There are a number of ways of measuring if your tires need to be replaced but perhaps the most common is the simple penny test. Place a penny into the grooves on your tires. If you can see the entire head on the front side then it is time to replace those tires.
  2. Tire Air Pressure Check
    While this may seem a relatively straightforward procedure you would be shocked at the number of Roswell drivers who have their tires either under or overinflated. Ensuring that your tires’ air pressure is correct will counteract any wear and tear issues as well as improve fuel economy.
  3. Wear and Tear
    One of the biggest causes of wear and tear on tires is misalignment. If your tires are not properly aligned, this can cause irreparable long-term damage.