Smog Test / Emissions Test in Alpharetta

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes emit large amounts of carbon dioxide which is extremely damaging to the environment, both here in Alpharetta and globally. In recent years legislation has been introduced to test vehicles for smog and carbon emissions. At Roswell Transmission and Car Care Inc. we welcome this move as we believe that the future of the auto industry needs greener and more long-lasting solution to the problems that currently exist.

That is why we are proud of the fact that we were one of the first garages in Alpharetta to offer smog and emissions test as standard on all of our vehicle checks. If your state or provincial emissions test is approaching then you need to contact the garage that you can trust. Roswell Transmission and Car Care Inc.’s skilled auto technicians are fully-trained in examining all aspects of your car and diagnosing how best to improve your standard emission. This is a very important issue so you have to choose the team you can trust.

Do Cars Emit Carbon Dioxide?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two decades you will be aware that global warming is a serious issue that is having a real and lasting impression on our planet. Milder and wetter winters combined with drier and more humid summers might be an inconvenience in Alpharetta but in other parts of the world it is far more serious as floods and drought have very lasting consequences. So, yes it is a serious issue but what has it got to do with you and your vehicle? The answer to this is quite a lot, actually.

Recent reports indicate that in the United States personal vehicles alone accounts for almost 20% of all emissions on an annual basis. This is a massive amount of damaging emissions being released into the atmosphere on a regular basis and it needs to change.

To put the issue in perspective, the average US vehicle will emit approximately 24 pounds of carbon dioxide as well as other global-warming related gases for every gallon of gas produced. In fact, if you were to include all forms of transportation in the US at present – trains, airplanes, ships, etc., the total percentage increases from 20% to 30%.

How the Smog Test Works

There are three main components to any standard smog test and your vehicle must pass all stages to be deemed roadworthy. They include:

  1. Visual inspection: As the name suggests this is a test that our technicians undertake to assess your vehicle’s components and systems aimed at controlling emissions.
  2. Functional Inspection: This involves a thorough check of your engine’s light, ignition timing, exhaust gas recirculation system and gas cap.
  3. Tailpipe Emissions Inspection: This is a simple test to see what condition your exhaust’s tailpipe is in.